Business hours

  • 07h00-17h00 Monday to Friday
  • Aftercare: 12h30-17h00
  • Holidays: 0700-17h00
  • Other hours and holidays on request


  • 1 - 6 years of age
  • Aftercare: Grade R - Grade 7


Safe Environment

We are proud to offer not only a safe environment for children with food, clothing and a solid educational foundation that meets Education Department guidelines, but we also provide a counseling service to parents to equip them to better serve the best interests of their children in what is an almost impossible environment.

Valuable Staff members

Staff members, sometimes unqualified, are sent on recognized training courses, firstly in order to maintain standards, but also to make them more valuable members of the community. We at Butterfly Way strive at all times to provide the best for our children and to contribute in any way possible to the community at large.

Student Assitance

We are fortunate to have from time to time the assistance of overseas students doing volunteer work with us and this gives the children an added experience of life beyond Vrygrond.