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everyday madiba day sponsors sports day stadium

All4All, Germany

Thank you for your support, for painting the walls, and for the vegetable garden.

Bible Group Chicago

Visit from church and Bible Group, Chicago - entertaining children with a Bible story and singing.

Blue Route Mall & KFC

Outing to Blue Route to the Movies, sponsored by KFC sponsored and arranged by Blue Route Management. Thank you.

Outing to Blue Route supporting cancer, where we enjoyed cup cakes, and received a teddy bear. Arranged by Blue Route management. Thank you!

Cape Metal Pressing

Thank you for the wendy house, tables and chairs.

Catholic Church

Thanks to the Catholic Church for 2016 Christmas party and wooly hats.

Thanks to the Catholic Church for years of support and towards 2019 Christmas presents, party packets and eats.

Die Anker Gemente

We thank you with appreciation for the new baby room, carpets, cots, baby chair, walking rin and fans.


Thank you for the financial support over the years, it is much appreciated.

Die Koning Kerk Gemente, Netherlands

Thank you for the fridges, stove, microwave, heaters and the financial support throughout the years (email:


Thank you MacCain for the donation of frozen food.

Mr Hermanus

Thank you to the public for the support we receive for the children of Butterfly Way Educare for the amount thrown into the tin and thank you MR Hermanus for the hard work.

Pearson Foundation

Thank you for the principal and teacher spoiling to Robin Island.

Pep Stores

Thank you Pep Stores for the clothes.

Poly Oak

Thank you Poly Oak For donating the Pallets we were able to build a classroom.

Project Abroad

Thank you to Project Abroad for the support and to all the vounteers that come from all over the world who have been a part of Butterfly Way Educare's family. We love you all.


Thank you Shoprite for the soup we received.

Star of the Sea

Thank you so much!

The Healing Heart Foundation

Thank you for you support over the last 2 years (2018-2019), it has been an amazing blessing.

The Light Project

We would love to thank you for your support over the past 11 years, it is very much appreciated. We can't think of better words than thank you!

The Peoples - 4 van Com

Thank you for the laptop, it is so much appreciated.

True North

Thank you with a grateful heart for your support and care in helping us to get to standard of registration, and thank you for organising our 2019 staff celebration night.

Thanks go to True North and Home Choice for the amazing gift of the tablet it is most highly appreciated.


Thanks to Woolworths For their weekly support.