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everyday madiba day sponsors

Thanks to the Catholic Church for Christmas party and wooly hats.
Thanks to Woolworths For their weekly support.
Than Mac Cain for the Donation of Frozen Food. Thank you Poly Oak For donating the Pallets we were able to build a classroom. Thank you Star of the Sea for donating the food Parcel much appreciated (2016).
Thank you Shoprite for the soup we received. Thank you to the public for the support we receive for the children of Butterfly Way Educare for the amount thrown into the tin and Thank you MR Hermanus for the hard work. Thank your to Star of The Sea.
Outing to Blue Route supporting cancer we enjoyed cup cakes, and received a teddy bear.
Arranged by Blue Route management. Thank you.
Thank you Pep Stores for the clothes.
Outing to Blue Route to the Movies, KFC sponsored thank you arranged by Blue Route Management.
Principal and teacher a spoiling to Robin Island sponsored by Pearson Foundation, thank you.
Thank you for the new laminated floors, it is a blessing.
Visit from church and Bible group from Chicago, entertaining children with a Bible story and singing.